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To get away from those oppressive talls, we left Earth. Left behind all the horrible shit humans and the rest did to each other, all the violence and hate.

Many discussions were had. Everyone agreed the moon was too close. We were farther along than others, technologically, but they weren’t that far behind. If we were that close, it’d be only a matter of decades, at most, before we’d once again struggle with their boots on our necks. Especially in the shadow of the Earth itself. Nah, the Moon was definitely too close.

Mars was a contentious point. We were fairly certain we could settle it, several of our brightest minds already had the tech needed to begin, but that megalomaniacal fascist billionaire already had his eyes on turning Mars into a space slave colony… oh, sorry, it was indentured servitude. If not decades, only a century or more would see us once again in conflict with those terrible capitalists. No, Mars, too… was too close.

The Belt was the only place we could see to settle. So to the belt we went. In giant secret ships, almost every Goblin left the Earth and its terrible denizens behind.

Two-hundred years we’ve been here, on our own. Two hundred years of peace. Now they come knockin', once again, but I’ll be damned if we are gonna give up ground twice. We ain’t gonna let them push us out, and we aren't going to let them treat us like they used too.

Any questions you have are going into this Q&A, which will also help inform me of what I should focus on next in development! Feel free to ask Questions in the comments here, or on twitter :)

Goblinauts, as an idea, formed and created in only 3 days, it started as a fun and quick throw away idea for the GoblinWeek2020 Jam. However, as I built it, I found more I wanted to add, until it's slowly, or rather-very quickly, became a labor of love.  17 pages of content and counting!

In the last 3 days I have worked to create a fun and straight forward, pbta style game that as is, is comparatively light but completely playable.

This game is something i'd desperately love to find time to update and expand, and hopefully will some day!


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Any status update about this cool project?


This is an awesome game, love the retro feel and emphasis of community.

5/5 rating.

Thank you so much! Like every one of my projects so far, I start off with like "This'll be a fun lil quirky thing I can toss out and move on"


"Oh no.. I love it"