Quick fixes and first day updates

File 1.2: The following changes or additions were made:

  • Olivia Hill Credited for "The Olivia Hill Rule"
  • Fixed more grammar/spell errors.
  • Added clarification information on Damage Levels.

File 1.1: The following changes or additions were made:

  • Shifted page numbers so that they would be on the appropriate side in spread mode.
  • Fixed an issue with one of my Fonts being entirely too difficult to read. (Font change from Cooper Hewitt to HK Grotesque)
  • Fixed several spelling and grammatical typos.
  • Added the "Olivia Hill" Rule to the front page.
  • Added pertinent information to the Community reaching Stability 0.
  • Updated the display images.


Space Goblins 1.1.pdf 292 kB
Jan 25, 2020

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