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LUMEN:ENDGAME is a design tool for LUMEN, a fast-paced and rules light combat ttrpg system for action packed combat fantasies by GilaRPGs.

You may absolutely use the information, systems and content found within this design tool for your own commercialized and published games. A Shout out in the credits/acknowledgements is all I ask. <3

Level Up Your LUMEN Games

LUMEN:ENDGAME puts the tools in your hands to design special random drops, unique and compelling boss encounters and exciting finale events. 


  • New tools to check for special drops like power-ups, keys or special items that integrate smoothly with establish drop systems
  • Guidance for building and developing your own power-ups or keys for your LUMEN games.
  • A hand full of examples of power-ups and keys to help get your imagination going.


Big Bad Bosses is still unedited and somewhat raw, the information is there, but next step will be getting it edited and cleaned up!
  • New tools to bring compelling Bosses inspired by JRPG's, MMO's like World of Warcraft or Action-Adventure RPGs like Kingdom Hearts.
  • A number of options and styles of bosses, allowing you to bring in bosses with multiple phases, multi-targeted or bosses with weaknesses to exploit.
  • Information on how to bring various types of boss together to make unique and exciting encounters to challenge your characters.
  • Several example bosses, such as: Stone Titan, Hydra and The Guardian.


Phenomenal Finales is still unedited and somewhat raw, the information is there, but next step will be getting it edited and cleaned up!
  • New tools to guide you through encounters where you may need to run timed gauntlets or hold out against waves of enemies before you can escape or complete your mission.
  • Several example Finales to help get your imagination running. 


This Design Tool is still in-development. And aimed to be released by Sept 7th.

Finally, we bring you to integration. All of these options (Special Random Drops, Bosses and Finales) can stand alone, but they really sing when integrated together and complimenting one another.

This chapter will discuss the ways in which they compliment one another and provide examples to that affect.


  • Main Core book with a chaotic (and hopefully fun) layout in hi res and lo res formats
  • A Plain Text Exported PDF, good for Mobile. Comes in both Light and Dark mode.
  • A Plain Text Exported .txt File

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Feedback is Always Appreciated

"Super useful for developing Black Hole Era" ~ SolsRoles

"Great ideas for implementation into a lumen game that could be added to an existing campaign without cluttering it, or used in developing your own lumen game." ~ Shivingtree

"I've been working on a Lumen game myself for the past couple weeks . It has been a great experience, and when I stumbled upon this document I instantly purchased it. 

There is plenty of info here to get your head turning and twisting to help further design your own Lumen games. Definitely a high recommend for anyone thinking about designing or running a Lumen game in the future!" ~Lancraft

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LUMEN ENDGAME is really helpful to empower and mix the enemies for my NOVA game.

Thank you so much for the toolkit, BasiliskOnline team!

Thanks so much for the kind words! If you have any comments or questions, lemme know. Lumen: Endgame is still evolving and its exceptionally easy to dig in on changes!

Very useful tool for when I developed a LUMEN game.