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Legacy of the Lost is a Belonging Outside Belonging game that takes place in a universe where a once thriving interconnected network of species and cultures was shattered when most of the sentient life in the Galaxy, and maybe the Universe, was snuffed out in an instant, leaving nothing but the Void and the few survivors who remain.

Legacy of the Lost takes the usual concepts of isolation, danger and hyper-scarcity from your traditional post apocalyptic scenarios like Fallout or Zombie Apocalypse settings and applies them on a galactic scale. You and those who you have gathered with you, a couple hundred of eclectic and varied individuals, have survived the catastrophe and now you do your best to survive in the void together.

Life in the Void isn't without its challenges though, needs, wants and differences can often cause strife within your community, the slow erosion of technology means you are in a constant dance to keep the dark, cold vacuum of space at bay and some of those that survived now seek to victimize whomever they can .

Through all the dangers and hardships, while keeping you and your community safe, you also have accepted the task of becoming the keepers of knowledge and tellers of stories of those who are no longer here to speak for themselves. No longer here to carry on their own stories. 

If you eventually fall to the cold darkness of the void, perhaps someone will find all of the information you've archived, perhaps you can keep their stories from sputtering out like a candle in the dark. To allow the knowledge of their lives to live on in those who come after.

To be the Legacy of the Lost.

Files Available:

  • Legacy of the Lost v1.1 (main file, best viewed on a large screen)
  • Mobile Files, a file listed as mobile is optimized for reading on the phone, including a new layout and larger text.
  • PF, or Printer Friendly, these files remove the graphic and text aspects of the layout.
  • Dark, a file listed as Dark has a Dark background and white text.
  • Light, a file listed as Light has a White background and Black text.
  • Plain Text, a plain .txt file

To Do List:

  • B&W Version for better accessibility and printer friendly.
  • Small aesthetic tweaks.
  • Take into account feedback.

Community Copies are available!

  • Launch with 25 34 Community Copies.
  • Every Sale is +1 Community Copy.
  • Every Rating is +1 Community Copy.
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Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Legacy of the Lost 1.1.pdf 37 MB
Mobile-Legacy of the Lost Large-v1.pdf 56 MB
Mobile-Legacy of the Lost Small-v1.pdf 9 MB
PF-Dark Mobile-Legacy of the Lost-Small-v1.pdf 2 MB
PF-Dark-Mobile-Legacy of the Lost-Large-v1.pdf 10 MB
PF-Light-Mobile-Legacy of the Lost-Large-v1.pdf 10 MB
PF-Light-Mobile-Legacy of the Lost-Small-v1.pdf 2 MB
Legacy of the Lost Plain text.txt 49 kB

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Download demo

Legacy_of_the_Lost_Playbooks_Art_1.0.pdf 1 MB
Legacy_of_the_Lost_Playbooks_No_Art_1.0.pdf 98 kB

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I'm super excited to see more creators exploring mobile optimized formats, and Dyer does an amazing job by providing so many options here! I quickly scrolled through the dark theme version, and not only is it beautiful, font size is perfect, but the Table of Contents is hyperlinked to take you straight where you want to go in the doc! 10/10, thank you for all this effort!


Thank you for the kind words and review, glad to help make steps in this space in some way (I tried the epub thing and I just couldn't figure out enough) <3