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Thrive and Adapt

In a distant future, after humans have overthrown the blight of capitalism, the Earth is a lush and vibrant world teeming with life. Decentralized communities of all sizes dot the landscape where they adapt and thrive, not as masters of nature and the world around them, but living in harmony with it. 

You are members of one such community, working together not only to adjust to an ever evolving and changing ecosystem, but to care for one another and thrive as a community.

Due to the Seeding, a mutating retrovirus released over a century ago to reverse the damage done to the Earth by greed and capitalism, the plantlife of the world not only grows rampantly and often unpredictably, but mutates into wondrous and completely new and alien life. Same to, do the beast and animals of the world change, adapt and mutate with each new generation.

Arcology World

“Solarpunk, by its nature, is adaptive, not resistive. In permaculture, there is the saying “the problem is the solution,” which means that any problem you might have is only a problem because you haven’t thought of a way to make it useful.”
 For example: you’re growing a crop of lettuce, but you discover that there are slugs everywhere! Now, a normal person would see this as a problem which needs to be eradicated, so they go get some poison to kill the slugs. Now they just have a new problem: poisoned, albeit slug-free, lettuce. A solarpunk would see these slugs as a problem too, but not in the same way. The problem, she might see, is not an abundance of slugs, but a lack of ducks. She gets some ducks, the ducks eat the slugs, and now she has healthy lettuce and ducks to boot!

Arcology World is a mostly nonviolent pbta game of Mutual Aid, Community and Adaption.

The focus of the game will often be split between engaging in social drama and managing crisis. A Crisis is managed by Mutual Aid, ensuring your community will weather the immediate affects of the Crisis, while you also strive to figure out how to adapt your community and life style to accommodate the change in circumstance.

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This game is gorgeous and evokes some very strong emotions, I wish more games were written like this!